Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

Tomorrow is the the Half at the Hamptons.  Once again, under trained.   Probably a little better than the last time, but still I could have used more miles under my belt.  I blame the weather, because I've really been enjoying the running lately.

I'm working on a more natural running position when I run.  This basically means no landing on your heel, but instead landing on your forefoot / midfoot when running.    It uses different muscles so it is something you need to transition to slowly.   I got a new pair of shoes that help facilitate that change (more on those later).  I haven't run in them though, don't want to screw up my feet/ankles/legs before the half.

I was almost successful with my weight loss.  I wanted to be down to 200 by the race, which I didn't hit, but I was 203 as of this morning.    I could go on a big run right now and sweat out those three pounds if I really wanted to :)

During runs, or drives to work, I like to listen to podcasts.  All my podcasts tend to be running / triathalon related.   Frequently they talk about   Essentially a facebook, but for people who exercise.     I love this site .  I get no support with any of my weightloss / running, so to find a place of like minded indivduals is fantastic.    This group of people understand what its like to struggle,  to be injured, tired, as well as the feeling of great run.   I can't put it into words, but it is nice to find a support system, even though  its a bunch of strangers.   However, about a dozen of us are doing the same half marathon this weekend and are going to do a 'meet up' before the race.     100% out of character for me to do something this social, but I'm starving for support.

Very excited to get on with this race.   Next big race is in 45 days (if I survive this one).