Sunday, April 25, 2010

I need a better way to organize this info

After my workouts I edit a text document on my iphone to keep track of what and how I did. When I started I didn't think I would keep using this to track, so I didn't even have dates and its all a mess. Pretty much what I track is total time, time for a 5k, num of calories. I did lose data on 4/22, but I know I did the 5K in 44:00 minutes.

Two years later... still fat.

I forgot this blog was here. It was almost exactly two years ago to the day I made the 112 days... post. Like every other time I decided to lose weight, something happened and I went off that plan. I don't remember what, but I probably hurt my back, had issues at work or some other excuse. I know it doesn't take much to derail my efforts.

So I started again the end of last month, the 31st of March. No real goal in mind when I started. I just figured it was time. So I headed to the Y one morning before work and did a workout. Then the next day I went again. And the next day.

Its been 27 days and I've gone to the gym a lot, along with done other exercising. 255 when I started. 236 right now. I'm quietly proud of myself, while at the same time embarrassed I'm as overweight as I am.

I'm going to use this blog to track my status. I'm working towards... wait for it... a 5k race. But this time its not 112 days away, but instead 45 days away.

The gym has been basically all treadmill, which normally I hate running. I like the challenge and the different ways you can measure progress. Each day I do at least a 5k, even though I'm not even close to being able to run it non stop yet. On the first day, I couldn't jog for more than 45 seconds. Last Friday I did 13 minutes. Progress. I feed off of that.