Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't call it a comeback (yet)

After the half marathon, I felt great. The race was on a Sunday, come Monday I was a little tight but wasn't too sore. I expected to be incapacitated but I wasn't (probably an indication I could have pushed myself harder). I had no pain, just felt like I did an extra long run. I thought I got away with doing a half-marathon I physically wasn't quite prepared to do. I believe it was Tues when I noticed my right ankle I was a little sore when I dorsiflexed and plantarflexed my foot (basically pointing my toes up and down). The next day it was even worse, with pain that spread a bit to my shin area. This was my biggest fear of doing the half marathon, an injury.

Over the next few days the tendons in my foot became extremely tight, to the point of when I pointed my foot up, the tendons would actually squeek. At first I thought I was imagining the squeek because of how bad it felt, but Erika heard it too. I knew I would never run again. (although I know this seems stupid, when you are injured all sorts of wacky thoughts go through your head).

I stopped all activity (let the weight gain begin), and proceeded to R.I.C.E for the entire week. No improvement, but I did start cross training. Stationary bike, elliptical and SWIMMING ( I love the swimming). Even though the swimming hurt my ankle, all the cross training kept my spirits up.

After two weeks of rest and a lot of ice (while still cross training), I went to see my jack-ass of a Dr. The entire appointment lasted about 37 seconds, and he diagnosed extensor tendinitus. Although not all the symptoms fit, it seemed reasonable enough. I left with a steroid pack to help with the inflammation. A week passed with little relief. Now I have an appointment with a specialist (it was a week away when set up, but I haven't gone yet, it happens tomorrow).

This passed weekend, I worked out Friday, pool and cardio. Over the weekend I didn't do anything, other than play with the kids. Monday came and.... Poof. No Pain. No discomfort. No tightness. Nothing. I didn't think much of this because of the past three weeks, there would be moments when things got loosened up and felt good, but then would get all tight and janky all over again. I went to the gym Monday night, did a solid 35 minutes on the elliptical. Everything felt great, so I walked over to the treadmill.

1 mile. 11 minutes, 9 seconds. No issues. No pain. The following night, did 15 bike, 15 elliptical, and did a half mile on the treadmill. Still no issues. So far so good.

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