Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let the Tri-athalon Training Begin!!!

Foots / Ankle better.  Nuff said.

1/2 Mile Swim,   14 Mile Bike Ride.  5K run.    Roughly 9 months from now in September at Clough State Park.

The 5K run I have covered.  I figured no matter how tired I am, I can still run (or walk)  it under an hour.

14 Miles Bike Ride, well, I have no bike.   So thats an issue.   I figure around my birthday I can find a used bike to use, and I can drive myself over to lake and do the bike route.  Until then the gym is full of bikes I can pedal until my stubby legs fall off.

Then there is the swim.  This is what excites me most about the triathalon.  Swimming is something I've never done.  The concept of swimming a 1/2 mile in a lake is so foreign to me.    I'm starting from scratch, very much  the way I did with running.    Every day I swim, which is usually twice a week, I learn something new or see some improvment.

The other day I did almost 5 miles on a stationary bike, then immediately ran a 5K after on a tread mill.    My last swim workout, Friday Dec 10th,  I completed around 20 laps total.  18 is 1/2 mile.  So I can swim a bunch now compared to how I was 3 weeks ago when I started, but I can't do those laps consecutively.  There is a lot of rest between the laps or even the lengths.  And when I get tired, I get super sloppy.

Should be interesting on what happens in the next 9 months.  I still have at least one half marathon to worry about before then.

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