Saturday, January 29, 2011

3 Weeks to go.

I'm always learning new things with this 'running hobby'.   The lesson learned the past couple of weeks has been, training for a half marathon when we are having a near-record snow accumulation sucks.    I managed to get an 8 mile run in today, which was very slow, but it was great to get the miles in.    The 'plan' I spoke of a couple of weeks ago is out the window for the most part.  I'm still aiming for the mileage, but all the cross training and rest days are at the mercy of the weather.    Just doing what I can.

Also, I  think the Tri thing is out the window.  I'm a sucky runner who is working on being an OK runner,  but training for another activity I'll be sucky at as well, my running won't improve as much as I want.   Not to mention the cost of getting into triathlons (bike + wetsuit)   is not something we need to be adding to our expenses this year.       It looks like I can fill the year with more half marathons (assuming  my body holds up)  that will keep me busy.   Not to mention the seemingly endless supply of 5Ks.  

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