Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter in the Hamptons

So my second half marathon will be the  Winter Half Marathon at Hampton beach on Feb 20.  It was going to be May 1st at Wallis Sands in Rye, but I saw this listed on and it looked interesting.  Then I went to the website and it said registration was almost full.     That pushed me over the edge.  Not sure why.

The Half Marathon distance scares me.  You can BS your way through a 5K,  but a Half is serious mileage.   I managed to survive the Manchester half, but I did horrible.  Walking a majority of the last 3+ miles.    Realistically, I know I won't be able to run the entire thing but I think I can do a lot better.  This time I have a little more time to prepare for it.    And this time I'm going to try to follow a plan.    I'm starting at the 6 week mark because I have 6 weeks to go and my base mileage was close enough to week 6.
So tonight, Thursday the 13th (week 7), I have a 4.5 miles run.  Of course it snowed two feet yesterday so I'm going to do the run on a treadmill instead of the slippery roads.  I hate being on the treadmill for anything longer than 3 miles.  Tonight is gonna be rough.  

I'm hoping to be around 200lbs for the half marathon.  I've been really focusing on the number of calories I'm intaking, and the scale is floating around 211 lbs.    With the amount of running I have scheduled,  I should have little issue with the goal weight.  

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Good Luck!!