Thursday, April 24, 2008

112 Days to go. . .

I'm taking small steps.  First I'm getting my eating in order, which I've done a great job this week I must say.   I'm not going to blog about everything I eat, because that would just get tedious.  If I have trouble eating 'well',  I may start doing that.   Along with the eating, I've started getting out after dinner for a long a walk in the woods.   They've been averaging about 45 minutes.  There are lots of hills and uneven ground, so its not a casual walk, and my heart rate is raised the whole time.   And at the end of the walk I scale the ridge in the back of my house which gets my heart really pounding.   My wife is trying to figure out what I do back there that gets me so sweaty.   The idea is that my ankles and knees get used to doing some work (along with my heart), and skim off a little bit of weight before I try to actually jog.  Maybe I'll walk my neighborhood 5k this weekend.  Or maybe just half of it.
So I hopped in the car and drove out 3.5  miles( I realized a 5k is about 3.2) in my neighborhood.   Holy crap thats a long way.  And the 'route' I picked is incredibly hilly.   I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do that.  I'll be shocked if I can walk it in an hour, never mind run it in less than that. 
Oh, as of yesterday I'm down to 258.  Not a big deal seeing how when your as big as I am your weight fluctuates with the wind. 

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