Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another week, more progress.

Having recovered from last weeks illness, I was looking forward to pushing myself this week. Hopefully work on stamina and get a little better pace. After all, its only about 3 weeks until the 5k.

The running went well this week so far, even though I chose not to run on Tues because my back, Mon and Wed runs were strong. Mon was a 42:30 5k, and Wed was a 40:45 5k. Mind you this is still on a tread mill (at 1%). I think I'll do an outdoor run this weekend and experience some fresh air when running.

I was 225lbs at this morning's weigh in. Thats 30lbs since March 30th. I'm trying not to obsess over the weight part too much, but the numbers (both running time and weight) are part of my motivation process.

I hope to be under 220 pounds by the time of the 5k. I think its doable.

On a side note, I'm using "Running Log" by Wink Pass on my iPhone to keep track of my running statistics. I love it! Its a very easy interface and can quickly give you your mileage totals for any given week, month, or year. This month I've managed 45.57 miles. As long as I get my runs in Thurs and Friday I'll be at 50 total miles in a month!

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