Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I signed up

I signed up for the 5K race on June 19th, so its official. Last week was ok in terms of running. I skipped Wed because I didn't get home from work till after 6 and I was still full by the time gym time came around, and Friday I was exhausted from a day trip with my kiddo so instead of running I boosted the incline and worked some different muscles.

This morning (Tues) I weighed 231 so it means the weight is dropping still, but slowly. I did a 5K yesterday in 44 minutes with an incline of 1%. My record to date is 42 minutes with a 0% incline, so I think my body is getting used to the incline which is great. Its amazing the difference the incline makes.

39 days to go. Hopefully next post I will be in the 220's, which I haven't seen in roughly 8 or 9 years.

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Erika said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're going to do better than you think you will!