Tuesday, September 7, 2010

215 and 4 Miles

I have another 5K coming up on Sunday. I'm not sure I'll do any better at the 5K, but my running has got a little stronger. Over the long weekend I managed 3.88 (fri) 4.08 (sun) and 4.01 (mon) mile runs. First runs ever over 4 miles. On Monday my run was extra enjoyable because I went to the dam / state park by our house and did my first trail run (3 miles of it was trail). It was cold, peaceful and relaxing. I want to make a habit of doing that run when I don't have a race on a particular weekend. I turned around at the 2 mile mark because I didn't want to push past the 4 mile mark round trip, so I still have a little more trail to explore.

Here is the exercise activity summary for the run (with pics embedded, pretty neat):

Also the weight is slowly going down again. I weighed this morning (not after a hard sweaty workout like I like to do, hey it makes me feel good) and I was exactly 215. 40lbs down. 15 to go before the New Year. Not sure why I'm picking 200lbs by Jan 1st, but it seems like a good round number (no pun intended), and I have 3 months to lose 15 lbs. Very doable.

4 more races for the rest of the year. Would have more but Oct is a busy month for us. Hopefully I can find some in November.

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