Thursday, December 30, 2010

(sprint) Triathalon here I come

This is my first week of tracking my run/bike/swim distances.
Week starting 12/13/2010
13 Miles run
15.6 Miles biked
1.6 Miles Swam

All those numbers look very small to me compared to how much time I spent in the gym this week.    I would have had more running, but I slept through my outdoor run on Saturday.  The only time I get to exercise is early in the morning or late at night so its extra tiring (mentally mostly)  to get miles in for all three disciplines.  My swim still concerns me.  I can do the required 1/2 mile in a session at the pool, but I'm a long ways off before I can do it continuously.   Good thing I have 9 months to get ready.   However, as  I do more research I've found out there  are several sprint triathlons in NH starting in June.   So maybe I only have 6 months.

(on a blogging note, this should have been posted a week ago).

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