Thursday, August 19, 2010

First sub 12 minute pace for 3 miles

To be exact it was 11:59 min / mile, but that still counts! I'm feeling very zippy in my new shoes, but my feet are still getting used to them. Feet are kind of achey, and starting to form a blister near my heel. I'm going to take tomorrow off because I've done 5 days straight days this week (almost 14 total miles, almost 33 for the month so far. Hopefully will hit 50 for the month). The plan is on Sat and Sun to do my neighborhood 5K. Or maybe Sunday do the long version which is roughly 4.something miles.

Last Sunday (this was probably running blog post worthy to help me keep track) but I managed to do my neighborhood 5k without stopping once. Under 40 minutes, which is really slow, but its extremely hilly. A nice milestone.

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